Monday, November 28, 2016

Bioinformatics Specialist Event - 12/7/16

Norris Medical Library Bioinformatics Service is recruiting a new bioinformatics specialist.  We cordially invite you to attend the second candidate presentation “ChIP-seq Data Analysis”.  This one-hour presentation will introduce the basic principles of analyzing ChIP-seq data.  Attendees will learn the fundamentals of ChIP-seq experimental design, data processing and downstream analysis with popular open-source tools on the Galaxy platform (

Topics will include:

  • Introduction to ChIP-seq
  • Quality control on sequencing reads
  • Reads alignment to a reference genome
  • Data normalization
  • ChIP-seq peak calling
  • Data visualization with the Integrated Genome Browser
  • Functional annotation of ChIP-seq peaks
  • Analyzing peaks for transcription factor binding sites

Time: Noon – 1pm, Wednesday, December 7th.
Location: HSC—West Conference Room (basement level), Norris Medical Library
UPC—Live broadcast, Learning Center, Wilson Dental Library

The presentation can also be viewed on your own computer via live broadcast

Lunch will be provided at both in-person locations, seats are limited.

Registration is mandatory:

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