Monday, November 21, 2016

Bioinformatics Specialist Candidate Presentation #1

Norris Medical Library Bioinformatics Service is recruiting a new bioinformatics specialist.  We cordially invite you to attend the first candidate presentation “Identifying Quality Variation in High-Throughput Sequencing Datasets”.  This one-hour workshop will focus on identifying sets of variants that can be used for evolutionary and population genetic inference.  Attendees will learn the key concepts and steps to call and filter variants from sequencing reads.  

The workshop will 
  •  Be applicable to both model and non-model systems
  •  Cover the data structures of each of the major file formats in high-throughput data analysis (FASTQ, SAM, and VCF)
  • Introduce a number of standard analysis tools, including BWA and the Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK)
  • Include suggestions on how to appropriately filter variants
  • Illustrate how to perform analyses using the Unix command line and Galaxy

Time: 11 AM – noon, Wednesday, Nov. 30th.
Location: HSC—West Conference Room (basement level), Norris Medical Library
UPC—Live broadcast, Learning Center, Wilson Dental Library

The presentation can also be viewed on your own computer via live broadcast

Lunch will be provided at both in-person locations, seats are limited.

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