Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fellowship Opportunity for Students Graduating in May 2014

We would like to inform you and your students who are graduating in May 2014 that the U.S. Fulbright Student Grant deadline is rapidly approaching. The Fulbright Student Grant is an excellent option for students who are seeking to go abroad after graduation. We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 study year.

Some of the options available via the Fulbright program are:
-              Study/research (available in over 140 countries, open to all majors)
-              English Teaching Assistantship (available in over 70 countries, open to all majors)
-              Fulbright –mtvU Award
-              Fulbright-Clinton Fellowship (open to students with a masters, JD, or currently enrolled in a doctoral program by fall 2014)
-              Fulbright-Fogarty Awards in Public Health (open to students currently enrolled in medical school or a graduate program and who are interested in global health)
-              Special Grant Opportunities by field
o             Business (internship in Mexico; MBA in Australia, the Netherlands, and Spain)
o             Journalism (masters in Spain and the UK, research/internship available in Germany)
o             Science (graduate programs and research in Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Indonesia, and the Netherlands)
-              Degree Awards are available in Austria, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The campus deadline is September 13, 2013.
Information regarding the Fulbright program is available at us.fulbrightonline.org Students can obtain instructions regarding the USC Fulbright application process at www.usc.edu/aif/fellowships U.S. Citizenship is required. Students who hold a doctoral degree at the time of application (Ph.D. or Ed.D.) are not eligible. 

If students have any questions they can contact our office at aifstaff@usc.edu or 213-740-9116 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Thank you for your assistance in promoting the Fulbright Student Grant.


Office of Academic and International Fellowships Staff

Office of Academic and International Fellowships Noosha Malek, Director Martha Enciso, Associate Director Katie Calvert, Assistant Director http://www.usc.edu/aif GFS 227