Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Graduate Student Government Updates

USC GSG* Newsletter
Graduate Student Government*

Upcoming Events
GSG Happy Hour

•    What: GSG Happy Hour
•    Where: The Lab, 3500 South Figueroa Street, LA 90089
•    Date: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Taping of Mike and Molly

•    What: See details
•    Where: Warner Brothers Studio- 4210 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA
•    Date: Wednesday, 10/3/12

GSG Movie Night- The Words

•    What: See details
•    Where: LA Live
•    Date: Wednesday, 9/26/12

The Importance of Giving Back: Community Service Information Panel

•    What: Community Service Information Panel
•    Where: TCC 450 - The Forum
•    Date: September 25th, 2012

“We Run the City” 5K USC/UCLA competition to benefit the Special Olympics

•    What: See details
•    Where: UCLA campus intramural field
•    Date: 11/11/2012

HSC Book Club

•    What: Opened to UPC + HSC students: Hunger Game Series, Catching Fire (book 2)
•    Where: GSG HSC Office, Seaver Residence Hall 101A (by the Starbucks near the elevator)
•    Date: Now until 10/18/12

USC Wonderkids Program

•    What: To find out more click on "Read more" below
•    How: If you are interested in being a guest speaker please email: dkast@usc.edu
•    Anything else I should be aware of?:
Translate your science into words that will encourage the next generation to become scientists.
The USC Wonderkids Program is an after-school science education program for first-third graders in the USC family of schools.
We are looking for speakers in the following fields: paleontology, medicine, neuroscience and animal behavior!

GSG Announcements
LGBTQ & Ally Concerns Committee Meeting

•    What: LGBTQ & Ally Concerns Committee Meeting
•    Where: Graduate Student Government Office (TCC 224)
•    Date: Thursday, September 27

LGBTQ & Ally Graduate Student Mixer #2

•    What: LGBTQ & Ally Graduate Student Mixer #2
•    Where: Salvage Bar & Lounge (717 W. 7th Street, Downtown Los Angeles)
•    Date: Friday, September 28

Now Accepting Summer 2012 Travel Grant Applications through October 1st, 2012

Dear USC graduate students,
GSG is in the final stages of reviewing Spring 2012 Travel Grant Applications, the first round of applications accepted using our new, web-basedTravel Grant System. We are excited about this new system, which incorporates a wide-range of student feedback obtained during pilot tests.

What is GSG ?

Welcome to USC and GSG
We are Graduate Student Government (GSG). What is GSG? Well, as a graduate or professional student, you are all a part of graduate student government. We provide the voice to over 17,000 students at USC. Our structure includes a Senate of 80 graduate students from the various schools and departments at the school. These senators are elected or selected by the governing student organization at each school or department

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Academic Year

Fellow Trojans:
On behalf of the entire Executive Board and Leadership Team of the Graduate Student Government (GSG), I want to welcome you and say that we are very excited to have you here! We are looking forward to a great year.

TAP News

The TAP Program has returned this academic year after much success and support from our graduate student body. As the Director of Campus Affairs, I am excited to see this program come to life and become a continuing staple for USC graduate students.
Read More

External Announcements
Want to announce your events in our newsletter?

Felicia Brown
Public Relations Director
Graduate Student Government
3607 Trousdale Parkway
TCC 224
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Chiasma -- Science-inspired Art Publication


Chiasma is a new science-inspired art publication that aims to explore the crossover between art and science. This is a publication that seeks to challenge the perceived disparity between the two fields, and to encourage people to view art as a science and science as an art. To all science scholars who can see and appreciate the intricate folds of mitochondria cristae, the elegance of particle collisions, or the interplay of chemicals in reactions, we encourage your participation. To all artistic creators who can perceive the laws behind realism and discover and interpret the motifs of the universe, we send you an invitation. To all literary composers who can orchestrate words and numbers and voice the profundity of nature, we urge your consideration. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you are welcome to submit to Chiasma.

We invite all of you to share your photography, poetry, sketches, paintings, narratives, and any other form of expression and help create an interdisciplinary network of inspiration. Here is the NYU School of Medicine Literary Arts Magazine, which serves as a model for Chiasma:http://webdoc.nyumc.org/nyumc/files/studentaffairs/attachments/Agora_Spring_2010.pdf . We encourage all of you to join us in becoming the founders of a science-art initiative at USC. If you are interested in submitting your work to Trojan Health Connection or getting more involved, please email chiasma.artsci@gmail.com.

Monday, September 17, 2012

IEB: Maureen McCarthy

Maureen will be leaving for Uganda on September 26th.  Check out her blog:

1) Scientific American's Expeditions Blog site: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/expeditions/

2) A blog hosted by USC Dornsife: http://dornsife.usc.edu/panoramic-perspectives/
I'm also on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/m.sophia.mccarthy) and Twitter (@mccarthymaureen). I hope to keep in touch with you over the upcoming year!