Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Tuesday May 27th
NRT LG 503/504  (across the lobby from Aresty) - Health Sciences Campus

1:45-2  meet and greet
2-5 presentations
5:15-6 mingling and questions

2:00   Jim Knowles   “Single Cell RNA Sequencing of Neurons”

2:25  Charles Nicolet  “Overview of the Next Gen Sequencing Core”

2:40  Lora Barsky  “Overview of the Flow Cytometry Core”

3:10  Fluidigm  “Defy the law of averages:  Fluidigm’s Biomark* and C1 single cell auto prep systems”

2:55 Daniel Campo “Single Cell Sequencing Experiences at UPC”

3:45 Clontech, Rachel Fish “V3 SMARTer for Single Cell RNA Seq”

4:00 NuGen “Target Enrichment and sequencing of captured circulating tumor cells”

4:15 Qiagen

4:30 Nanostring*

4:45  Fluidigm CyTOF

*Technologies currently available in the Molecular Genomics Core

Refreshments Generously Provided by Fluidigm

Note that there are a few minutes before and more time afterwards to ask questions, gather materials and speak to the vendors and application scientists, and snack.

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