Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5th International Course in Microbial Ecology, Venice (Italy)

Dear Microbial Ecologist,

We are proud to announce the 5th International Course in Microbial Ecology, this year entitled “Deciphering microbial diversity and function in the environment through Next Generation Sequencing” (October 6-10, 2014), which will take place at the Institute of Marine Science, National Research Council in the old town centre of Venice, Italy.

The course builds on the successes of the four previous courses (former “SItEmicro Course in Microbial Ecology”) and is dedicated to advanced master students, PhD students, post-docs and young researchers interested in aquatic and terrestrial microbial ecology, and in bioinformatics. The course will focus on the use of next generation sequencing datasets for the study of microbial communities, under the guide of experienced international researchers. Participation is limited to 30 applicants.

The course will train microbial ecologists in the analysis of the structure and function of environmental microbial communities by using molecular tools. The techniques covered include sample collection and processing, DNA extraction, PCR of ribosomal genes, quanti­fication/analysis of environmental DNA, amplicon (marker gene) data generation and analysis using different tools (QIIME, Mothur) and metagenomics.

Detailed information is provided in the flyer attached to this email, and at the official webpage of the course: www.microbeco.org. Updates on the registration procedures, the selection of the successful applications, the final program and preliminary materials for the course will be periodically published on the website and on the next numbers of the SM Newsletter.

We look forward in seeing you in Venice.


The Organizing Committee
Gian Marco Luna
Stefano Amalfitano
Manuela Coci
Gianluca Corno