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Graduate Students Awards to Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates 2014

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I just received the information below regarding the 2014 Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates. Next year’s meeting will focus on Medicine and Physiology and students in medical, biomedical, and other biological sciences are eligible to apply.  USC may nominate up to three PhD students to attend.  Please circulate this information and if anyone is interested have them contact me.  Submissions have to be coordinated through the graduate school. The deadline to apply is Friday, November 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm, Eastern Time, so we will need to work quickly.

Best, Meredith

Meredith Drake Reitan, PhD
Assistant Dean, Fellowships
The Graduate School
Office of the Provost
University of Southern California


Mars, Incorporated & ORAU

October 1, 2013

Dear President, Chancellor, or Director:

Mars, Incorporated and ORAU are pleased to announce that they will nominate and sponsor a maximum of 40 graduate students to attend the 64th annual meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau, Germany, from June 29 through July 4, 2014. Mars, Incorporated and ORAU invites your institution to nominate up to a total of three students (two students to Mars, Incorporated and one student to ORAU) to be considered for this very exciting opportunity.

Since 1951, Nobel Prize winners and students in chemistry, physics, and physiology or medicine have met annually in Lindau, located on Lake Constance in southwestern Germany. It is anticipated that some 550 students from more than 70 countries will attend the weeklong meeting in 2014. There are formal lectures in the morning, and the remainder of the day is set aside for the students to meet informally with the Nobel Laureate scientists, as well as with their fellow students from around the world. Information on the most recent meeting and comments from students who attended are available at

In 2014, the meeting will feature recipients of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. You may nominate students to attend this meeting who:

·                     are U.S. citizens currently enrolled at a university as full-time graduate students;
·                     have completed by June 2014 at least two academic years of graduate studies toward a doctoral degree in medicine/physiology or in a related discipline, but not be planning a dissertation/thesis defense before December 31, 2014;
·                     be actively engaged in research, and
·                     for ORAU, be at an ORAU member institution (

We are especially interested in receiving nominations from a diverse group of students, including women, minorities and people with disabilities. Please check for specific eligibility criteria of each sponsor.

Unfortunately, this year we will not have federal sponsors as we have in the past.  While this is disappointing, ORAU and Mars, Incorporated are standing firm on their commitment to supporting students.  This is further complicated by the hard deadline that the Lindau Meeting has placed on all nominations, which is a result of having two meetings in 2014.  Information on the second (Economic sciences) will be forthcoming in about a week.

The selection process for the Lindau Meeting occurs over three phases. The universities and National Laboratories complete the first phase by selecting up to two students per sponsor and submitting the nomination packet for each student.  Mars, Incorporated and ORAU complete phase two by selecting the students to nominate to the Lindau Meeting.  The final phase of selection is completed by the Lindau Meeting and its screening process. All three phases ultimately adhere to the Lindau Meeting’s selection criteria.

All nominations from phase one must be submitted online before Friday, November 1, 2013 at 4:00 pm, Eastern Time.  Nominees in phase two will be notified by December 31, 2013 whether they have been selected. An information sheet on the program is enclosed. Further information about the program, including the Web site for submission of nominations, can be found online beginning at

You may delegate responsibility for submitting nominations to another office in your institution. However, individual faculty members may not submit nominations directly. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact one of us using the contact information below.

Best Regards,

Samuel Held
Program Manager
865-576-8223 office
865-368-3272 mobile

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