Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gene function analysis with PANTHER

Workshop: PANTHER classification system for large scale gene function analysis

Noon-1:30pm, Friday 11/15/2013, Norris Medical Library West Conference Room
Presenter: Dr. Huaiyu Mi, Assistant Professor in Prev. Med and co-developer of PANTHER

Cited in over 1,200 journal articles, PANTHER (Protein Annotation THrough Evolutionary Relationship) classification system ( is a comprehensive online system that combines gene function, ontology, pathways and statistical analysis tools that enable biologists to analyze large-scale, genome-wide data from sequencing, proteomics or gene expression experiments.  This hands-on workshop provides a detailed description of how to analyze genome-wide experimental data using the PANTHER system.

Lunch will be provided.  Registration is required:

Yibu Chen and Meng Li

Bioinformatics Service Program
Norris Medical Library
University of Southern California
323-442-3309 (Yibu)
323-442-3447 (Meng)

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