Monday, December 12, 2016

MEB Seminar | Collective functionality in bacterial groups

Please join us tomorrow, Tuesday Dec 13th, at 11am for Dr. Martin Ackermann's seminar in the AHF Torrey Webb Room. Below is a link to his website as well as an abstract for his seminar tomorrow. 

Look forward to seeing you there!

Abstract: How microbial diversity shapes the dynamics and processes in microbial communities is a fundamental question in microbial ecology. While the focus of such research is typically on biological diversity that results from genetic differences between strains and species, functional diversity can also arise in clonal groups, through phenotypic differences between individuals. My presentation will focus on this microbial individuality, that is, diversity at the level of single cells. Using examples from bacterial genetic model systems, I will discuss how microbial individuality can promote interactions within and between populations, allow microbes to cope with dynamic environments, and give clonal groups of bacteria new biological properties. Then I will discuss how one can test these laboratory-derived concepts in natural environments, and ask whether and how microbial individuality is an important driver of the dynamics of natural microbial communities. 

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