Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Workshop | Introduction to High-Performance Computing at USC

Dear Colleagues:

•        Have large data sets such as Next-Generation Sequencing data?
•        Need to perform computationally intensive analysis such as NGS data alignment, genome assembly, or protein structure analysis?

Then come and join us to find out how USC High-Performance Computing (HPC), one of fastest academic HPC in the world, can help you to get the job done super-fast.

USC HPC and Norris Medical Library Bioinformatics Service are proud to present the following workshop:

Introduction to High-Performance Computing at USC

Time: 9am-12pm
Date: Thursday, February 18th, 2016


Time: 9am-12pm
Date: Wednesdays, March 9th, 2016

Location: Aresty Auditorium at Health Science Campus
Breakfast: Coffee and snacks will be provided

In this introductory workshop, you will learn:

•        A tour of USC’s HPC network
•        How to apply for a free HPC account with up to 2 TB free disk space
•        How to access your HPC account from your own computer
•        How to transfer data between your HPC account and your own computer
•        Linux commands for basic file/directory manipulation
•        Write a demo script and run it on HPC cluster
•        Software packages, including bioinformatics software, available to you on the HPC Cluster

For the hands-on practice, a workshop account will be created for anyone who does not have an HPC account, but you must register for the workshop by February 13th for the Feb 18th workshop or Feb. 29th for the March 9th workshop, in order to have an account created for you. Those who already have HPC accounts can register at any time.

Register for the Thursday Feb. 18 workshop:


Or the Wednesday March 9 workshop (re-run)


The following software is required and should be downloaded from USC’s ITS website and installed prior to the workshop. We will spend the first ten minutes on how to configure it and connect. Those who have active HPC accounts should test them prior to attending the workshop.

Mac OS X Users

XQuartz*: quartz.macosforge.org  (*X11 no longer comes pre-installed)
Fetch: itservices.usc.edu/sftp/fetch-5/

Windows Users

X-Win32: itservices.usc.edu/unix/xservers
Filezilla: itservices.usc.edu/sftp/filezilla/

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Erin Shaw
Advanced Cyber Infrastructure-Research & Education Facilitator
USC Center for High-Performance Computing (hpc@usc.edu)

Yibu Chen and Meng Li
Bioinformatics Service Program
Norris Medical Library
University of Southern California
323-442-3309 (Yibu)
323-442-3447 (Meng)

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