Thursday, September 26, 2013

USC Science Film Competition

Dear Faculty and Students,

The USC Science Film Competition is open to all USC students in any program, and it is a  wonderful opportunity to get involved in finding great stories and ideas to communicate in short film. There are generous prizes for the winners, and students have found it very rewarding to collaborate on making short films, often leaning more about the science and the film making in the process. It is entirely voluntary.  Faculty have, in some cases, used it as an additional opportunity for students to do a project for their class.  The teams must be interdisciplinary, encouraging collaboration between students in science, engineering, or medicine, on the one hand,   and students in film and communication and the arts (and beyond), on the other. Students from any field of study can be involved.

The details of the competition can be found at , where there is also a link to a blog that students can sign up for to help find potential teammates from other programs. There's a Facebook page students can like to get regular updates about the competition, events, and so forth: , or they can follow the twitter account:

On Friday 4th October there'll be a social event in the early evening to help students from various disciplines (potential teammates) meet.  Please see the websites for more details. Teams must register for the competition by October 16th.

Please contact Clifford Johnson in Physics and Astronomy  if there are any questions:

Thank you!

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