Wednesday, February 29, 2012

USC Chiasma -- Science-Inspired Art Publication


a new science-inspired art publication, which aims to expose the crossover between art and science

This is a publication for those who realize the vastness of art and the relevance of science. This is for all the science scholars who have been inspired by the beauty of science, whether it be the human body or bacteria, no matter the cause—an epiphany could have been fueled by long hours in the lab, drawing the mitochondria cristae one too many times, or studying in a Red Bull-sustained haze. This is for all the artists, who have ever created or envisioned an interpretation of science—of the trees, of cells, of people. This is for both the science student whose artwork solely consists of in-class doodles and the art student who shudders at the thought of studying chemistry. We hope you can encourage students to share their photography, poetry, sketches, paintings, narratives, and any other form of expression through our publication and help create an interdisciplinary network of inspiration. We encourage interested students to join us in becoming the founders of a science-art initiative at USC.

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