Friday, June 18, 2010

Defense Instructions

Thinking about defending soon? These are your defense instructions. Please make sure that you have completed ALL of the following steps:

1) Download the dissertation submission packet and format and presentation guidelines from the Graduate School website:

2) Complete your online dissertation profile on the Graduate School website:

3) Defend your dissertation. Take the following forms with you to your defense:

a) "Approval to Submit Defended and Final Copy of Doctoral Work" form

b) Signature Page

4) The "Approval to Submit" form should be signed by the committee after all changes have been made to your dissertation (if any). The date on this form stops the tuition clock and starts the submission clock. You have three months from this date to submit your dissertation without a late fee.

5) Pay your binding fee ($115) and get a receipt.

6) Bring ALL ORIGINAL forms listed on the "Documentation Review Form" to Linda Bazilian when you are ready to submit. She will make the necessary copies.

7) Linda will sign off on the "Verification" form and the "Documentation Review Form". Do NOT have either form signed by your dissertation advisor. You will then be ready to submit.

Best of luck to you all!

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